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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tiffany Shepherd back in the News

Ya'll might remember her from awhile back (Normally I do not talk like that.) Tiffany Shepherd is the Florida teacher who was canned from her job as a teacher when bikini clad pictures of her appeared on the internet.

The school board insists they fired Tiffany Shepherd because of her many late and no shows for work. Tiffany Shepherd, on the other hand, is insisting it was because of her breasts appearing semi clad on the internet.

Many things have happened since this first hit the news earlier this year with an interview on CNN. Since then, Tiffany Shepherd has appeared on the Howard Stern Show, the Tyra Banks show and many other media outlets including an HTBW blog all about her at http://tiffanyshepherd.blogspot.com

Whatever the cause of her firing, Tiffany Shepherd's 15 minutes of fame has definately been kept in after class.

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