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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Marcia Brady, Maureen McCormick SEX TAPE

Maureen McCormick's shocking sex tape revealed!

Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick is terrified a shocking sex tape she made back in her wild drug-using days will appear on the Internet - where it would fetch a huge selling price, sources report. In her no-holds-barred memoir Here's the Story, Maureen revealed she made the X-rated video after her days as a Brady, when she fell spiraled deep into the Hollywood drug scene.

"It's Maureen's worst fear in the world that this tape will surface, either on the Internet or in a sleazy porno flick," a source close to the 52-year-old actress told sources. "It could be worth a half-million bucks or more to a XXX-rated film producer. And now that the book is out and her secret's revealed, porno Web site operators are searching feverishly for it and are willing to pay big money.

"Maureen is scared to death that, if it did surface, it could destroy her sobriety and plunge her back into deep depression." In the tell-all, Maureen reveals her need for drugs became so desperate that she contacted "an older man who had coke and chased young women" that she met at the Playboy Mansion. "Using coke as a lure, he got me to undress and lay on his bed. Then, he videotaped me," she wrote.

"Until that point in time, I would have denied ever having put myself into a compromising position to get drugs. "But I was desperate, and desperate people get into trouble because they don't think. It's one of the things I'm still most ashamed of. I knew it was wrong and disgusting. "I knew I had sunk to a new low."

Maureen is reported to have said she knew there was still a chance the video could still be discovered and exploited for a handsome payoff. "Yeah, it crossed my mind when I wrote about that," she said. "It crossed the publishers' minds, everybody's mind."

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