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Saturday, January 24, 2009


A 20-year-old BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI whose feet and hands were amputated due to an infection has died in hospital.

BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI DIED in the early hours of Saturday morning after struggling for weeks against the illness.

Doctors were said to have amputated both her feet and her hands and removed part of her stomach in an effort to save her life.

The hospital in Brazil's Espirito Santo state said the BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI DIED from complications related to a generalised infection.

BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI was said to have first sought medical help in December when she felt unwell. It was reported that medical staff initially thought she had kidney stones, before she was later diagnosed with a urinary infection, caused by a rare type of bacteria.

By the time this was detected, the 20-year-old BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI had developed the blood infection septicaemia.

Before her illness BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI seemed to be in the initial stages of a highly successful career. She was twice a finalist in the Brazilian stage of the Miss World competition.

News of her illness attracted attention around the world, and friends said they had received messages of support from many different countries.

Here is a previous article on BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI's struggle to survive

Jan. 23, 2009 -- BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI DA COSTA, a 20-year-old Brazilian model who has participated in international beauty competitions, is in a hospital in Brazil with a life-threatening infection.

BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI, a past finalist in the Miss World Brazil competitions, has a severe blood infection called SEPSIS (also known as septicemia) that began when she had a urinary tract infection, according to Bridi da Costa's web site. Because of her illness, BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI had to have her stomach removed and her feet and hands amputated.

Doctors originally thought BRAZILIAN MODEL MARIANA BRIDI had kidney stones; instead, she had a urinary tract infection caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria, according to media reports. The infection then spread to her blood.