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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JONESBORO SLUTS - High School Dance Team YOUTUBE VIDEO Causes uproar

The Jonesboro High School dance team has been suspended for the year after students danced provocatively at a school basketball game.

Clayton County school officials have barred the eight-member dance team from practicing or performing this year, said Jacqueline Evans, a spokeswoman for the district.

Parents complained the girls danced inappropriately at halftime during a Jan. 13 basketball game. A video posted on YouTube showed the girls in thigh-high stockings, tiny shorts and tight shirts dancing on chairs during portions of their routine.

The video, titled “The Sluts of Jonesboro,” has since been taken down. Evans said she didn’t know anything about the video.

“The team will not perform for the remainder of the year, nor will they represent the school in any other performances,” Evans said Tuesday.

School staff investigated the dance and disbanded the team three days later, Evans said. The girls were not disciplined.

The school’s step team will perform at halftime for the remainder of the basketball season. However, all routines must be screened by staff before the performance, Evans said.

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