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Monday, January 26, 2009

MILEY CYRUS WARDROBE MALFUNCTION - What part of 16 Don't you understand?

Once again, the Internet seems to be buzzing with the sound of pedophiles searching for a picture to spank to. Apparently, Skank in the making MYLEY CYRUS had a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION and now everyone wants to see a picture of it.

Grasping at straws seems to be the order of the day for MILEY CYRUS NIP SLIP PICTURES. On the left is a picture from MYLEY CYRUS' 16th birthday party, you know, the one that shut down Disneyland! Well, this picture shows a little bit of her hip which isn't really a NIP SLIP, but I guess the pervs can settle for a HIP SLIP.

Honestly, I really don't see the attraction. Of course, that being said I am not a 16 year old boy or aging fat 40 year old pedophile with a hairy back. Personally, I prefer women like MEGAN FOX, MARISSA MILLER and KEELEY HAZELL

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