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Friday, January 30, 2009

Settlement Reached in Heath Ledger Estate Lawsuit

An agreement has been reached in a lawsuit involving Heath Ledger's $10 million life insurance policy. The confidential settlement was revealed in court documents filed Wednesday in Los Angeles. Ledger's lawyers are seeking a closed hearing next month to establish a court guardian to represent the actor's three-year-old daughter, Matilda Rose, who is the policy's beneficiary.

A lawyer for Ledger sued ReliaStar Life Insurance Co. last year, claiming the company was refusing to pay the actor's death benefits. The lawyer claimed the insurer was refusing to pay because it wanted to investigate whether Ledger's death was a suicide. A coroner ruled Ledger's death last January was from an accidental prescription drug overdose.

William Shernoff, who represented Ledger's lawyer, said Thursday that both sides were pleased with the settlement. He declined to discuss specifics of the deal.

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