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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

FEDEX PLANE CRASH - Crew Hospitalized

Two crew members have been hospitalized for injuries after a FedEx plane crashed at the Lubbock Smith International Airport in Texas.

Officials have released information about a FedEx plane that crashed in Lubbock, Texas, saying that there was a small fire and two crew members were transferred to the hospital.

The injuries are not believed to be severe after the FedEx ATR-42 twin-turboprop plane crashed Tuesday morning.

Federal Aviation Administration and FedEx spokeswoman Sandra Munoz says there was small fire on the plane and was unsure of what the damage was.

According to Munoz, the plane had been traveling from Fort Worth Alliance Airport. While it's unclear how the plane caught fire, freezing rain is what was responsible for the plane skidding off the runway.

Airport officials said both crew members were taken to a hospital, but FedEx officials said both were able to walk away from the crash.
The crash happened just after 2:30 Tuesday morning Pacific Time. The plane landed in a freezing mist but officials said weather was not a factor in the incident.
The plane was arriving from Fort Worth went it came down at the end of the runway, veered off and caught fire. The fire was quickly extinguished.