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Saturday, January 31, 2009

JANINE SLIGAR Sent to Prison For Having SEX WITH INMATE and sending him NUDE PICTURES

Former prison secretary JANINE SLIGAR has been sentenced to six months in federal prison for having sex with an
JANINE SLIGAR Sentenced to Prison for Sex with Inmate
inmate. JANINE SLIGAR, 47, had a sexual relationship with inmate Eric McClain, whom she was supposed to be supervising. According to CNN, the two indulged in 10 to 20 sessions of oral sex and intercourse, and many of these encounters took place in a staff restroom in the housing unit at the Federal Prison Camp in Florence, Colorado. JANINE SLIGAR was found guilty of sexual abuse.

Authorities underscore the fact that sex between inmates and prison employees is an enormous security risk that comprimises the integrity of both the institution and it employees. As a result of her transgressions, JANINE SLIGAR, who has worked for the Bureau of Prisons for 14 years, will have to register as a sex offender upon completing her prison term.

JANINE SLIGAR Sent Sexually Explicit Photos

JANINE SLIGAR's plea agreement contains a number of interesting revelations. For instance, she obtained a cell phone with a non-local number so that she and McClain could communicate clandestinely. In addition, JANINE SLIGAR sent McClain sexually explicit photographs and also used her cellphone camera to take graphic pictures of her and McClain engaging in sex acts. Perhaps most disturbing of all, though, is the fact that JANINE SLIGAR changed the primary beneficiary on her insurance policy from her children to McClain.

JANINE SLIGAR and Other Women Who are Attracted to Criminals

JANINE SLIGAR is not the first women to have a relationship with a criminal, and she won't be the last. That some women find criminals attractive and worthy of romantic love is one of life's more interesting - and disturbing - mysteries. To this writer, it is that element of the Sligar case that it noteworthy, and not the fact that she is - perhaps unfarily - being labeled a sex offender. It never ceases to shock the public when women send love letters to the likes of Scott Peterson and Ted Bundy (the "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez, who gouged out the eyes of some of his victims, also has female admirers; what could be more troubling?)

Why do Women Like JANINE SLIGAR get Involved with Criminals?

Dr. Gail Saltz notes that there are a number of reasons why a woman might be drawn to a criminal, and they vary depending on the "psychological

makeup of the woman." She notes that one of the more common reasons is a fascination with aggression and evil. "Some women are drawn to the idea of committing a crime, and while they may never do so themselves, they are attracted to a man who has committed a crime and it allows them to identify with his sadism and aggression. They vicariously enjoy his disregard for authority and his brutality. They can imagine being him - without actually doing the bad thing. In this way, a man like Charles Manson was able to draw women to him who would participate in his crimes or at least be involved with him," writes Saltz.

Clearly, then, women who are drawn to violent criminals and bad boys have deeply rooted emotional issues and ought to undergo psychological counseling. Perhaps that's what JANINE SLIGAR ought to do when she gets out of prison.