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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick may seem really happy and content with life, but it's just a carefully-constructed façade that is now crumbling to pieces because Matthew Broderick can't stop himself from cheating. Or at least that's what soe sources are claiming after it caught sight of Sarah Jessica Parker socializing with a real estate broker, something you wouldn't even think of doing unless you were planning to leave your husband and move out on your own, right?


Sarah Jessica Parker
has stopped pretending she’s happy in her marriage with Matthew Broderick and is reportedly looking for her own place in New York City. Although Matthew Broderick was the one caught cheating, we think Sarah Jessica Parker will start dating someone else soon because she emotionally checked out of this marriage some time ago.

Well, if this is true, it’s quite unfortunate. Many media outlets that have picked up on the story running in Star magazine that Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is moving out of the West Village apartment that she shares with husband, Matthew Broderick, and that one of Hollywood's longest standing marriages is over.


You may remember it was reported back in August that Matthew Broderick had an affair with a much younger actress. The couple issued no comment about the alleged affair but put on a united front, posing for photos together and making an effort to keep up appearances. But now it appears that the damage might be done, with an inside source saying, “Sarah Jessica is determined to get her own place and bring down the curtains on her marriage. They're essentially living separate lives. The truth is, Sarah and Matthew still do love and care about each other, they just aren't in love, and they don't want to waste any more time trying to repair something that's irreparable.” Reports have been flying about Sarah Jessica Parker looking for her own place here in Manhattan.

If these reports are true, this is really sad news for the actress who has never really made a huge deal of exploiting her marriage. While in the Sex and the City movie, the character Miranda takes her husband back after an incident of infidelity, it appears that life may not imitate art. One never knows about what happens behind closed doors, but infidelity is a really hard pill to swallow. We may never really know what inevitably caused the couple to fall out of love.

If your relationship has suffered from infidelity or if you’ve just fallen out of love with each other, do whatever you can to salvage what brought and kept you together but at a certain point you really have to do what is best for yourself. If you’re staying together for the kids as the reports allege SJP and Matthew did for their son, kids would rather see their parents happy than live in a home with a loveless marriage. If you are not happy in your marriage, it can actually damage your kids’ views on what marriage really means.

We hope that these are just rumors but in the end, we hope that Sarah Jessica Parker does what will make her happy and is best for her and her son. With rumors that the sequel to the enormously successful Sex and The City movie shooting in Manhattan this summer, this might be quite the complicated year for the star. We wish her all the best.


Ownership of one of Hollywood's most glamorous couple's Donegal hideaway could be contested in court following reports Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are on the verge of splitting.
Parker, the star of Sex and the City, and War Games and Ferris Bueller's Day Off actor Broderick have been frequent visitors to their Kilcar cottage during their 11-year marriage.

But reports now suggest the couple could be set to divorce. Ownership of their holiday home could be contested as p(art of any settlement.
their marriage had been the subject of speculation last year after it was alleged that Broderick had an affair with a younger woman.
The couple have a six-year-old son

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