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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NAKED SKIER now internet sensation

A SKIER in VALE COLORADO was left with a bit of shrinkage while riding the SKYLINE EXPRESS LIFT in the VALE BLUE SKY BASIN. Now known as the NAKED SKIER, the 48 year old man was left DANGLING NAKED FROM A SKI LIFT CHAIR after his ski got stuck and jammed the lift. The NAKED SKIER consequently fell off the chair as his pants held on.

Although this situation left the NAKED SKIER cold and exposed to the entire ski hill as well as the internet, the situation could have been much worse. It took rescuers about 15 minutes to release the NAKED SKIER from the clutches of the SKYLINE EXPRESS LIFT in VALE COLORADO.
PICTURES OF THE NAKED SKIER can now be found all over the internet, perhaps the NAKED SKIER is the next Ashley Dupre... then again maybe not.


In a reenactment of "FREE WILLY"
Rescuers work to FREE THE NAKED SKIER

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