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Friday, September 26, 2008

HURRICANE KYLE Forms off the Atlantic Coast

The 2008 Hurricane season has been a very productive HURRICANE SEASON to say the least. As if HURRICANE IKE and GUSTAV were not enough, there is a new HURRICANE THREAT forming off the Atlantic Coast.

HURRICANE KYLE is slowly moving towards land and by the looks of things will move its' way up the entire East Cost causing possible power outages and flash floods as it goes. For constantly updated INFORMATION ON HURRICANE KYLE, check out the HTBW HURRICANE TRACKER BLOG. We kept the world abreast of the happenings of HURRICANE IKE and GUSTAV with live web camera views of the effected area's and plan to do the same for HURRICANE KYLE.

For more information on HURRICANE KYLE including LIVE WEBCAMS from the effected area's

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