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Sunday, September 21, 2008

CYNDI LAUPER Coaches the 2008 AUSTRALIAN IDOL Contestants

Eighties music icon Cyndi Lauper will appear as a guest judge on Australian Idol tomorrow after spending the week mentoring the singing hopefuls.

As expected, Lauper's visit to the reality television competition's judging panel coincides with an 80s-themed performance show.

The contestants will belt out their favourite hits, including daggy pop and power ballads, with one singer set to perform a Lauper classic.

While the show's producers are tight-lipped on who it is, they confirmed the song choice was made before Lauper's visit was announced.

"They will no doubt be feeling the pressure of living up to Cyndi's original, performing it in front of her on the judging panel," a spokeswoman said.

And the star herself will also perform a rendition of one of her best-known songs, Time After Time.

"I'm going to try and give only constructive criticism when I'm judging but who knows whether my mentoring is doing them good or killing them," Lauper said.

The eccentric singer has spent the past week talking to the contestants about their vocal style and offering some industry tips.

"I lost my voice early on in my career and I know the importance of warming up. I've told all the contestants that they are atheletes, and if your'e gonna lift a barbell, you've gotta warm up first.

"I think stubbornness and defiance is the key to longevity in this industry, so I hope all of the Idols take that away with them."

The Australian Idol performance show airs on Network Ten at 7.30pm tomorrow.

Cyndi Lauper was advised by doctors early in her career that she had damaged her vocal cords beyond repair. After sessions with a voice coach, she proved them wrong - and the iconic American singer is passing the lessons she learned to this year's crop of Idols.

The songbird, who performed at this year's Mardi Gras party, has returned to Sydney to be a mentor and judge on Australian Idol, as well as promoting her new album.

"I lost my voice early on in my career and I know the importance of warming up," she said.

"I've told all the contestants that they are athletes, and if you're gonna lift a barbell, then you've gotta warm up first. Same goes for their voices."

Lauper, 55, has sold more than 25 million records worldwide, with hits including True Colours, Money Changes Everything and Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

She has also spent two days this week preparing the remaining 11 contestants for the 1980s-themed show on Sunday. One contestant was feeling the pressure more than most after choosing a Lauper song before she was named as a guest judge.

"I'm going to try and give only constructive criticism when I'm judging but who knows whether my mentoring is doing them good or killing them," Lauper said.

On the Monday night verdict show, the songbird will perform her 1983 chart-topper, Time After Time. Her new album, Bring Ya To The Brink, is out now

About Australian Idol

About Idol

The Idol phenomenon began in the UK as Pop Idol in October 2001. Created by Simon Fuller, then best known as the former manager of the Spice Girls, the program showcased the country's best young vocal talent, pitting them against a team of outspoken experts and ultimately the votes of the viewing public.

The concept is simple: after a nationwide search, contestants are whittled down to a group of semi-finalists who then hit the Idol stage to sing their hearts out, viewers then have the chance to vote them into the coveted Top 12. Each week, members of the Top 12 perform a new song in a chosen category – from pop to rock to swing – with the least voted for contestant departing. Ultimately, the crowned Idol receives a record deal and an almost guaranteed smash hit, right out of the gate.

In 2003 Australian Idol was born. Channel [V] VJs Andrew G and James Mathison took on hosting duties, while the roles of judges were taken on my legendary diva Marcia Hines and matter-of-fact record company guru Ian "Dicko" Dickson.

Australia responded overwhelmingly to seeing its own undiscovered talent on TV. The spectacular grand final, broadcast live from the Sydney Opera House, pitted Shannon Noll against Guy Sebastian in the TV talking point of the year. Guy was named the first Australian Idol and went on to compete in the one-off special World Idol, against winners of Idol from 11 other countries, with Dicko joining him on the judging panel. Today there are 38 Idol programs across the world, each version bringing a part of its nation’s culture to the mix.

This year is full of new and exciting changes; Idol is welcoming Ricki-Lee Coulter as part of the hosting team. As well, the judges panel will go back to having three critics; Marcia Hines, Ian "Dicko”" Dickson and Kyle Sandilands.

With each season, Australian Idol has continued to grow and thrive. Season 6 is no different, this year promising to be one of great discovery.

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Diane said...

I throughly enjoyed last nights Idol!

I thought Cyndi Lauper was a terrific mentor and seemed to bring out that something extra out of each of the contestants.

The Idol machine does work for a lot of the artists that are launched this way - Guy Sebastian is still going strong with an Aria nomination this year for highest selling album for 2008 for the Memphis Album. This is Guy's third Aria nomination for highest selling album out of his 4 album releases.

Go Guy!

HTBW said...

Hello from Canada and thank you for your comments.

Abit of a Guy Sebastion fan I see. I can't say we were watching Australian Idol during the Guy days, we just started downloading it over the last 2 seasons. Not a bad show, there have been some pretty great performances and a few stinkers too. The one thing for sure, you guys talk a little funny :P