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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Tony Romo's Baby - She Wishes
Jessica Simpson, who is desperately trying to re-launch her career and a life that includes a husband and a family of her own, jumped the gun and told her boyfriend, Tony Romo that she was pregnant.

Unfortunately for her, the test was a negative and the only baby that's due to arrive in the Simpson family is the child that her younger sister, Ashlee is having with her emo husband, Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy.

Wentz and Simpson officially announced her pregnancy in May 2008.

Jessica Simpson's most recent work includes a concert tour that took place at fairgrounds around America and some smaller venues. Simpson received mixed reviews from concertgoers and critics.

Tomy Romo is a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys play the first game of the 2008 regular season against the Cleveland Browns today.

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