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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mark "Papa" Guardado Acting President of San Francisco Hell's Angels Shot by Rival Gang Member

Picture from the Funeral of Mark "Papa" Guardado (Mooched from http://4qconditioning.blogspot.com)

Mark "Papa" Guardado, the acting President of the San Francisco Hells Angels has been shot dead. Early reports indicate that Mark "Papa" Guardado was shot outside of a bar.

A man who turned out to be Guardado was discovered at 10:30 p.m. with gunshot wounds at the intersection of 24th Street and Treat Avenue, which is about one mile from the San Francisco Hells Angels clubhouse.

The man was taken by ambulance to the hospital about a mile from the group's clubhouse. He died a short time later at San Francisco General Hospital of injuries related to his shooting.

Right now police say witnesses indicate that Guardado fought with a man right before the shooting, and that the man may belong to a rival biker gang. Police are now searching for a Modesto man charged with the murder of the head of Guardado.

Authorities say 37-year-old Christopher Ablett is a member of the rival Mongols Motorcycle Club and has been identified by several witnesses as the man who shot 45-year-old Mark "Papa" Guardado last week in the Mission District.

San Francisco Homicide Inspector Karen Lynch said Ablett and Guardado argued on the street before the shooting.

Members of the Mongols and Hells Angels were involved in a fight at a Nevada casino in 2002 that claimed the lives of three bikers and injured more than a dozen others.

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