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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman Dies in his Home?

Sad to say, the reports of Paul Newmans Death are true

Unconfirmed reports as of now say PAUL NEWMAN has Died of Lung Cancer. A few months back, Paul Newman was given only months to live. Recent reports have Paul Newman telling the public he wanted to die in peace in his own home.

Here is some past information on Paul Newman and his cancer diagnosis.

Legendary actor Paul Newman was forced to cancel a recent appearance at a charity event as a result of his declining health, according to new reports.

The 83-year-old Oscar-winner was allegedly given weeks to live last month (Aug08), prompted by reports he had completed chemotherapy treatment at a New York hospital - where he was photographed leaving looking thin and frail.

Rumours of his declining health and alleged lung cancer diagnosis surfaced earlier this year (08), following his withdrawal as director from a production of Of Mice and Men in his native Connecticut.

At the time of the reports, Newman's spokesman denied the actor had cancer.

But according to new claims, Newman was forced to bow out of the event in their Connecticut hometown - where he was set to co-chair with his wife Joanne Woodward on 15 September (08).

A source tells the National Enquirer: "Joanne had dearly hoped Paul could attend the charity gala at the Westport Country Playhouse, which she built for the community.

She knew he'd want to say a few words publicly.

"But Paul couldn't do it. Some of their closest Hollywood pals were there, including Julia Roberts, Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones and Bernadette Peters... Paul assured Joanne that he'd be supporting her in spirit."

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